5 Best Gift Ideas For Movie Lovers In 2020

To watch a movie is to see someone else’s life. Everyone has his own small world. However, through the screen, we can experience more different worlds. Movies are like the windows of the world through which we can see beautiful, warm scenery and feel different human temperatures. Today, we are going to recommend a special movie surrounding for those who love movies and experience the different sceneries.

1. Movie Greeting Cards

Lines and pictures are the necessary factors of a good movie. Lines express emotions, while pictures are the current emotions. This is a card that gathers all the classic lines. If you want to express but can’t say it, maybe you can express your mind through this card.

2. DIY Film Projector

Every period of time is worth recording, and this wooden projector, every part of which has traces of life and time, when you start to show it by hand, the light and shadow romance of the last century will reappear in front of you, and the comedy master Chaplin in the modern era will come to you slowly.

3. Just The Ticket

Is there anything that can lock the time, the songs you love, and the movies you watch that you want to record? This movie ticket book, because of its unique design for the ticket, can accommodate all the ticket stubs, big and small. If memory is limited, we will leave that moment as a memorial.

4. Mobile Phone Shell

Different movies have different souls and stories, and if you want to keep these stories and enjoy them from time to time, maybe this movie phone case will be a good choice. The simple and stylized design embodies the temperament of the film itself.

5. Movie T-Shirt

“I want, what they want!! And every other guy who come over here, spill their guts, gave every they had, wants? For our country to love us, as much as we love it!! That’s what I want!!”

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