A Unique Birthday Gift Idea For Daughters From Age 1 to Age 18 In 2020

How to give your daughter a surprise birthday gift? It’s better to create a memory for her. From birth to graceful, all the exclusive small toys and small accessories or weapons for collecting small secrets from the age of 1-18 are all staged again. We’ve prepared the whole list for you, just waiting for it to be sent out. You just need to prepare paper towels to welcome your daughter’s tears!

1.Yellow Rubber Ducky

In the infant stage, she is like an angel, but there is always crying when she is cute. This is the standard match of childlike innocence, which can be used as her best bathing partner, or as a daily toy for fun. The cute little Yellow Rubber Ducky with comfortable hand feel, plus the B-B call when pinching, is a little helper for fun.

2. Sleep Sheep

As she grows up, what she wants most at this time is a “good friend” to accompany her all the time. When she sleeps, she can hold her in her arms. This sleeping sheep pillow is like a hero in the small world. It’s a good friend in the daytime and a guard in the evening. It’s made of soft skin, comfortable and soft. It can rest assured and sleep without fear.

3. Chewable Milk

3-year-old is in the stage of intellectual development and greedy, while high calcium nutrition milk tablet helps healthy growth and full of vitality. This Chewable Milk is produced in Australia, with quality assurance, and can be used as a daily nutritional supplement, which can be eaten by adults and children.

4. Rabbit Ears Hair Tie Ropes

Now She is already a 4-year-old princess,and she has smooth hair and knows how to love beauty.So, she must be very happy to send her Rabbit Ears Hair Tie Ropes. Fried chicken’s lovely headdress has multiple colors to choose from. Tie up delicate pigtails and be a lovely princess forever.

5. Guess How Much I Love You

Our daughter began to enter the stage of education and enlightenment. It’s good to send her a love enlightenment book. This exquisite picture book ” Guess How Much I Love You ” is based on the dialogue between the little rabbit and the big rabbit. It uses various wonderful metaphors to express her love, so that she can know how to love and be loved.

6. Hellokitty School Bag

When our daughter goes to school with her schoolbag on her back, we can send a lovely Hellokitty School Bag. The cartoon of “Hello Kitty” is the main design style of the school bag, and Very attractive to make you have a good feeling all the time, gift this asoft, smooth and cuddly teddy as a great gift to your loved one.

7. Pink Piggy Banks

It’s a lovely piggy bank. At the age of 7, every kids needs a Piggy Bank. Piggy banks are a great addition to any nursery decor or kids room that will last through the years and grow with the child as they learn to save their money. It’s the first small Treasury in her life.

8. Disney Cinderella Stone Resin Figurine

In this period, she fell in love with Cinderella in fairy tales. She had a beautiful princess dream. In the dream, there were noble and amazing dresses and countless Princess skirts. This Disney Cinderella Stone Resin Figurine created a dreamlike fairy tale world, which could be placed in the room to meet her little hope.

9. Minnie Mouse Kids’ Analog Watch

10 years old is the age that needs to pay attention to the concept of time. Give her a watch carefully and attentively. And Minnie Mouse Kids’ Analog Watch, the appearance of the design is colorful, in line with the girl’s heart at this stage, and easy to open box is perfect to gift wrap and has the official Minnie Mouse logo on the top.

10. Locking Journal Diary

At the age of 13 or 14, there is a need for personal space. You can send her a Locking Journal Diary to record the girl’s thoughts. The design of the whole notebook is simple and stylish, which is a small world containing secrets.

11. Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly Earrings are full of girlish spirit. They are not too bright and mature, but also can embellish the youth and literature atmosphere to a certain extent. Choose one for her, and make her glow in the student union or birthday party!

12. Dior 999

Our daughter is 18 years old. It’s the best choice to give her a lipstick. The first lipstick in her life can be dior 999, which is called “every woman must have one”. It’s silky and delicate in texture and full in color, making her bloom with her first charm.

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