5 The British Museum Gift Ideas For Girlfriends In 2020

As one of the three largest museums in the world, the British Museum is recognized as doing a better job in the surrounding cultural and creative fields. In the official online shop of the British Museum, there are many kinds around cultural and creative industries, including sculpture and replica, jewelry, accessories, books, home furnishings, children and other major categories, totaling more than 1500 goods.

So if your girlfriend likes history and culture, it’s a good idea to give her a gift from the British Museum.

1.For the girlfriend who likes to write: this Regal the British Museum Commemoration Fountain Pen

This pen is much better than anyone expected! The first thing you noticed is just how gorgeous this pen is. The black and gold is a nice combination. The flow of ink is superb and even the nib seems like it should be on a more expensive pen, I believe it’s a medium iridium nib and it’s made in Germany.

I highly recommend this pen and in no way shape or form received any sort of discount for this review like you see from those untrustworthy reviewers.

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2. For the special girlfriend: the British Museum Gayer-Anderson Cats Ribbon Neckerchief Scarf

The design of Neckerchief Scarf is inspired by details from objects from The Gayer-Anderson Cat, bronze figure in the British Museum.

Cats were considered sacred in ancient Egypt – they were often mummified and buried in special cemeteries. According to the Greek historian Herodotus, if a cat died in an Egyptian household all the inhabitants would shave their eyebrows!

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3. For the girlfriend who likes bags: the British Museum Women‘s Tote Bag

The theme of papyrus originates from an ancient Egyptian Literature, in which the figure image of the painting has Egyptian characteristics, the combination of khaki and orange is simple and elegant, and the bright warm color adds a lot of vitality to life.

Large capacity canvas bag is very suitable for travel, convenient and light, thick canvas fabric is durable and not easy to wear, no matter how much you put, you don’t need to worry about the damage of the bag.

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4. For the lovely girlfriend who likes to DIY: the British Museum Washi Tape

Combine the image of ancient Egyptian gods with adhesive tape, full of creativity! The gilding design makes the tape very textured. And paper material is easy to stick and tear, easy to use. Tape is also used for a variety of purposes, can be used to make hand account materials, can also decorate favorite items.

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5. For the beautiful girlfriend: the British Museum Egypt Series Lipstick

A good lipstick will make you feel enjoy when you put it on. It’s waterproof and stay on well. You will be happy to see your stunning lip color from morning till evening on your beautiful face in the mirror but not on the brim of cups.

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