What is Best Gift Idea For Students Of 2020?

As the saying goes: “if a worker wants to do good things, he must first sharpen his tools.”.

Learning is a boring process. In addition to unswerving fighting spirit, we also need the so-called ritual sense to fight against the nihilistic “daily life”. This ritual sense can not only liberate ourselves from daily life by the repetition of rituals, but also serve as a process of jumping out of the routine and reexamining ourselves.

1. Pomodoro Timer

Playing with mobile phones, turning pens, scratching your head, time slips away quietly when you are distracted. So, you need a great time management method, “tomato work method”!

Every 25 minutes is a “tomato time”. During this time, you should focus on learning. When one “tomato time” is over, you can rest for 5 minutes, and then set the next “tomato time”. This time manager can help you implement the “tomato working method”.

Pomodoro Timer not only has the function of timing, but also has the function of clock, alarm clock, memory and so on, especially the function of mute. Even if you take it to the library study room, you don’t worry about the people around you. The power consumption is very small. A set of batteries can be used for 4 weeks. It’s practical and warm-hearted to send one to younger brothers and sisters who need to cultivate their concentration or friends who are preparing for the test.

2. Moleskine Classic Notebook

I am a person who is very fond of paper books. Even though electronic media has many convenient and fast processing and storage conditions, it is still not as reassuring as touching paper media with fingers. Ordinary books or paper are too soft or loose and easy to be damaged, and it is also hard to cherish because of the price problem.

Moleskine Classic Notebook can basically achieve the experience of human flesh pain in terms of price, but the quality is really good, and the size is moderate, which is suitable for daily hot spot accumulation and knowledge framework. I will use it to sort out the framework and sentences of relevant papers, and collect practical topics and wonderful views. It is reliable to record English long sentences and difficult words occasionally. It is better to read them before going to bed as the ending of a day’s study.

3. Pocket Printer

For the students who are preparing for the exam, printing materials and wrong questions has become a normal life. This super mini pocket printer can print anytime, anywhere.

The first attraction is its simple high-value appearance. The mini size is only the size of a power bank. You can take it everywhere you go. The clean and pure white color gives you a sense of peace and tranquility. It can also be used to print web pages, documents, work plans. Not only that, it can also print photos, daily life, travel and play, friends’ parties, take a picture at will can print out fried chicken with a retro high-level sense of photos, and then make photo albums at will.

4. Neck Shoulder Massager

After a day’s study and work, the tension of shoulder and neck muscles is particularly obvious. So, you really need to relax. This small and exquisite neck shoulder massager can give you a comfortable massage anytime and anywhere.

The appearance of this Neck Shoulder Massager is very fashionable. 3.8 pounds is about the weight of a headset. With its long endurance, it can be carried with no burden no matter watching TV, driving or shopping.

5. Planner-Academic

The Planner-Academic is one of the most ritualistic things. Although the plan can’t keep up with the changes, the practical and reasonable plan and the actions completed on time can be regarded as the great weapon in learning.

But, it’s not recommended to make a plan for the month or even the day. You can roughly think about the tasks to be completed each month, and then refine them through the weekly and daily plans In practice, such a plan can make the review rhythm clearer, look back, and increase self-confidence to gain a sense of learning achievement.

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